Take Hold Of The Mind

There are close to 7 billion people on our beautiful Earth. Each of us is different in so many ways: from the shape of our bodies to the dreams that we hold in our hearts. There’s one thing however that we all have in common no matter how different we are:

We were born.

Like coming late to a party, we all entered the world already teeming with life and laws. The world was waiting for us when we got here. Nature, society’s laws, the weather, everything gives us the very convincing feeling of being visitors in a world that ‘feels’ so real.

Over the course of our lives we all develop abilities to manipulate different ‘parts’ of this world; Yet we still see ourselves at the mercy of forces that have been ‘here’ long before our arrival. Our toes get stubbed (ouch!), our clothes wear out, we get sick, and eventually we all die. Fabulously rich or horribly poor, every single one of us must play by someone else’s rules.

So when someone says ‘it’s all in your head’ you get a little bit insulted, right?

strawberry drawing

But before you walk off in a huff or browse over to another web-page, let’s think about this for a moment.

We all know someone who likes something that we personally dislike. I know that I hate going to the mall; but members of my family love going there. On their free time. And making a day of it.

I’d sooner spend the day having my teeth drilled.

 ‘So what does that prove?’, you ask.

 ‘In my opinion, it tells a lot’, I reply.

There is a mall. Some people, in their minds, ‘connect the dots’ of the mall and see good times ahead. I don’t; I connect those same dots and see misery.

 ‘So it all depends on how you look at something,’ you say, not especially convinced.

‘But what if you could change how you look at something that was way more important than going to the mall? What if you could change how you look at your health, your relationships, and your future so that all of those things could improve? What if you could find the way to make your life magical?’

‘I’m listening,’ you say, warming but still suspicious.