Cognitive Pearl #048 Shevat 28, 5775 February 16, 15

We are full of secrets. From the words that we won’t utter to the stories which we must never tell; our lives are defined by secrets.

There is nothing inherently wrong with all of these secrets. Secrets between a husband and wife are manifestations of their loyalty to each other. Or the secrets that we keep as therapists and healers reflect our reverence for the healing journeys which our clients must travel.

Yet for all its good, secrecy is often the handmaiden of destruction. Whether it’s shame of discovery, misplaced loyalty to a poisonous relationship, or the totalitarian control of an abuser, secrecy denies us rescue.

In the coming posts I hope to share some reflections and ideas on secrecy, loyalty, shame, and healing. And it goes without saying that I’d love to hear yours.

In blessing!