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Over the years, I’ve written and designed many different written resources for my clients and students. These articles, skill sheets, and diary cards can be used as tools to help you grow and heal your life. You’re free to use and share them.




Cognitive Therapy Resources

Cognitive Therapy Pearls Shorts, most 200 words or less, to give the curious a glimpse into the beauty, wisdom, and effectiveness of cognitive therapy. Send me an email if you’d like to receive a daily pearl directly to your inbox. 

Anxiety Self Test

Depression Self Test

Social Comfort Check List Questionnaire

Body Awareness

List of Feelings

Dysfunctional Thought Record

Getting Started With Activity Scheduling

How To Keep a Journal 

Encouraging Yourself

Common Statements Of Human Misery

Rational Response Form

Pattern Interrupt Schedule

What You Need To Know About Executive Functions

Zzzzz Sleep Help