About Dr. Mark

A few pieces of my biography and some thoughts about my work

Born and bred in Stamford, Connecticut, I found my way to Torah observance in my mid teens. After years of Yeshiva study where I obtained rabbinic ordination, I went on to graduate school where I obtained masters degrees in psychology, education, and social work. A unique opportunity presented itself and I returned to school where I obtained by doctorate in social work.

In 2002, I fulfilled a live long dream and moved with my family to Israel. After three wonderful years living and being a part of the Raanana community, we made our way to Jerusalem, the most wonderful place in the world.

As of this writing, I’ve been doing, studying, and teaching psychotherapy for a quarter century. I’ve undergone formal training in cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and couples and family therapy. Yet despite the massive wisdom of these systems of treatment, I’ve found that it’s the connection that forms between myself and the client that helps him, her, or them move from misery to wherever they wish to get to. I pride myself on leaving no stone unturned or unconsidered in helping my clients progress in the quickest, most enduring manner possible. My work is a labor of love; I feel privileged and honored to play a part in the success of my clients.

I look forward to being of service to you.


Twitter: jewishmindful

In Israel: 050-638-6240 or +972-50-638-6240

In the United States: 203-541-0962

Skype: Rockorebbe

Located In Jerusalem And Available Around The World