Josh’s Writings

One of the great joys of therapy is the opportunity to listen and think. Invited to witness the seemingly tiny, gigantic steps in the evolution of our species, I’ve got the best seat in the house. In this section, I share my reflections on the work of therapy and the joys and sorrows of living. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Personal Reflections On Living A Life

Poem: Shofar As Fog Horn

Poem: Shofar In The Death Camps

Poem: The Accordion Effect

Poem: Joyous Insanity


Personal Reflections At The Junction Of Love, Life, The Bible, & Culture

For Parshat Toldot: A Refuge In The Storm

For Parshat Chayai Sarah: The Vision Thing

For Parshat VaYayra: Mountains As The Props Of Human Evolution

Dignity Post Freundel

Radical Chutzpa & Healing

Shame, Freedom, & Life

Healing Shame: A Chassidic Approach

Prayer From The Bones: Reflections On Prayer, Suffering & Ecstasy

The Deal: A Jewish Prayer For The Insomniac 

Reflections On Cognitive Therapy And Its Practice

Cognitive Therapy Pearls  Reflections on cognition, cognitive therapy & its practice

What The Cognitive Therapist Needs To Know About Case Conceptualization & Cybernetics

What The Cognitive Therapist Needs To Know About Naive Realism

What The Cognitive Therapist Needs To Know About Solopsism

What the Cognitive Therapist Needs To Know About Trance States