Cognitive Pearl #005 Kislev 8, 5775 November 30,14

When my cell phone is linked to the cell signal it is an advanced telecommunications device. It allow me to surf the internet and to upload and download data. When it’s disconnected from the cell signal, it’s basically worthless, except for the calculator app. On the other hand, when the phone is connected it is vulnerable to all sorts of nefarious viruses and content that just takes up space. When it’s disconnected, then it’s invulnerable.

So it is with us. When we’re connected to others, we are connected to a near limitless source of support, help, and guidance. Provided that we’re hooked to the right connection. Cognitive therapy therefore emphasizes the potential of positive social support. That is why we collect data about the social lay of the land so that we can intervene effectively when necessary.

Because after all, a prisoner can not free himself.