Depression And Anxiety & DBT

Life is wonderful.

Life is full of moments of joy and beauty.

Life however is also full of challenges, setbacks, and catastrophes.

For some of us the challenges of life can be so penetrating that we lose the ability to enjoy life. Our minds and bodies are swept up in a nether world of past failures, regrets, future terrors and worries. This is when we become depressed and anxious. We may meet the criteria of major depression or its lighter form, dysthymia. We we may meet the criteria of generalized anxiety disorder or one of the other forms of anxiety disorders. Or we may suffer from a combination of them.

There is good news however. The vast majority of us who suffer from clinical depression or one of the anxiety disorders will get better. Life will become worth living again. Treatment works. Whether it’s through medication or psychotherapy (or both) we will get better.
What we know however is that as much as treatment can help, DBT skills helps us get better faster. Most importantly, practicing the skills of DBT will prevent relapse of depression and anxiety.

And that’s really good news!