The Deal: A Jewish prayer for the insomniac

Last night, like most nights, sleep and all of its blessings, were so far away. Tossing and turning, my mind was simply too caught up with itself. So I decided to make a deal with God. Here’s what I said:


God, I’ll trade with You: 

Take my sadness,

Replace it with gratitude

Take my worries

Replace them with faith

Take my dread and terror

Replace them with the soothing balm of Your peace

Take my control ‘issues’

Offer them on the altar of joy

Take my anger

Replace it with humble willingness

Take my guilt

Refresh my innocence

Take my tension

Soothe my worried mind

Take my shame

Take my hand

Raise me in the morning

Show me the beauty of a world

Take it all

Just leave me in Your embrace

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