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Cognitive Pearl #078 Iyar 25, 5775 May 14, 15

Its not the circumstances

 Reflecting on the common physical causes for insomnia which I encounter with my clients, they all share one common root: disregard for connection between mind and body. It seems that we all live without regard to the body which so cares for us.

So for instance, the amount of artificial light which we fill our living spaces can have cumulative devastating impact on our health (this was brought home to me by some frightening data about breast cancer and light pollution which you can read about here). Yet as much as we read about how important it is to ease the body towards sleep by decreasing exposure to light, we keep the lights on and use our phones, computers, and tablets to stimulate ourselves late into the night. 

I mention this disconnection here because for most of our clients, insomnia is another manifestation of their negative relationship with their bodies. While deeply delving into this relationship is not always required, it’s important to at least raise the issue.