Cognitive Pearl #033 Tevet 24, 5775 January 15, 15

As a cognitive therapist, when I sit with a client and focus on the presenting problems, I have a secondary agenda: to teach the client the basics of the cognitive approach so that he can apply them in other situations. Whereas other approaches emphasize the skills and wisdom of the professional, cognitive therapy wants the client to become his own therapist in some form, at least. That’s why cognitive therapy appeals to OCD sufferers and is so effective: it emphasizes mind management, something that is especially welcome to those who feel like their mind has turned on them. Our approach is to empower the client with understanding, tools, and resources to weather the chaos no matter when or where they find themselves.


In coming posts, I’ll share my understanding of the cognitive approach to the treatment of OCD as well as some of experiences.


Shabbat Shalom everyone!