Schizophrenia & DBT


The mere word is baffling.

And scary.

What does it mean? What causes it? What does it say about a person who has it?

In spite of the exciting scientific progress that has been made in the last thirty years, we are not any closer to fully understanding this baffling brain disorder. There are many medications that relieve the worst symptoms. There are many types of therapies that can support recovery. Still however the questions remain.

In the meantime however people with schizophrenia live their lives. They work. They enjoy friendships and family life. They can attain a fullness of life that was unheard of in previous years. In the 25 years that I’ve worked with adults suffering from schizophrenia, it’s become abundantly clear that they can live lives of great satisfaction.

A significant part of their achievement is learning to manage their illness. Proper medical care. The loving support of family community. These are all parts of a supportive lifestyle. More than ever it is evident that in addition to all of these resources is the need for skills to manage the stresses of their lives. DBT skills have been demonstrated to help reduce stress, form and keep positive relationships, and live symptom free.