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Cognitive Pearl #075 Iyar 22, 5775 May 11, 15










In the world of cognitive therapy, upgrading is fundamental. With that in mind, (hopefully!) with today’s post, you’ll notice improvements which will make the content even more exciting and useful. Let me know what you think!

Today’s Tachlis Takeaway: many sleep problems can be helped with the methods of cognitive therapy.

When we think of sleep, we may often think of a necessary evil which we must ‘put up with’. Just look at the coffee section of my local supermarket: there’s a solid eight meters of valuable shelf space devoted to a bitter beverage whose most important redeeming quality is that it can keep us awake. Looking back on my forty year love affair with coffee, I’ve got some serious doubts that I would have been able to start and complete even one degree without the steady drip of stimulants into my veins.

Sleep however gets a bum rap. It’s quite telling that the Bible tells us that Adam was asleep when he was matched up with Eve. Marriage, the most important event in a human’s life; and here a central protagonist was out cold. But it’s not just the Bible that tells us something about sleep; modern science continues to inform us of the many, many blessings of sleep.  Or, r’l, the terrible ills that can befall the human mind and body when we don’t sleep enough.

Where we psychotherapists come in is that many of the barriers to the blessings of restful sleep respond to the skills which we offer. In the coming posts we’ll consider some of cognitive therapy techniques which can help our clients (and ourselves) to sleep and to heal.