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Cognitive Pearl #070 Iyar 12, 5775 1 May, 15

We rise by lifting others




In considering the depth of cognitive treatment I take the approach that above all, my efforts must ultimately lead to positive social reintegration. Humans are a social animal; we can do amazing things when we’re attached to others. From a cognitive therapy perspective, social connectedness forms the bridge that allows the transfer of new ideas between people. These are the ideas that save our lives. 

Consider depression. Or schizophrenia. Both share features in common: thought disturbance and  emotional disconnection are the most visible. When most of us think of schizophrenia, delusions and hallucinations come to mind. Or when we think of depression we think of the immobilizing heaviness of self hatred and despair. Yet in both cases, social disconnectness is the most important determinant of outcome. That connectedness provides the leverage to keep the client connected to reflection, reality testing, and the magic of community. 

So tachlis, as a cognitive therapist, my treatment plan and its length, intensity, and depth is designed around getting the client back in touch with others. 

After all, life is with people. 

More on this next week.

Shabbat Shalom!